Colorectal Cancer is one of the main areas of expertise offered by the surgeons of Cheltenham Colorectal Group.

Treatment of cancer of the Colon and particularly the Rectum requires a wide range of specialists in addition to the surgical team whilst the surgery may require particular skills and techniques provided by specialist Colorectal Surgeons. The Cheltenham Colorectal Group provides these critical surgical skills and we work with a wide range of other specialists to ensure the best, most up-to-date and carefully tailored / individualised treatment is offered to all our patients.

The skills and care provided by the members of CCG include:

TOTAL MESORECTAL EXCISION - sometimes refered to as 'precision surgery' for rectal cancer, this technique is the 'Gold Standard' used by Colorectal Surgeons operating on rectal cancer to offer to lowest risk of recurrence of the cancer

AVOIDANCE OF A PERMANENT COLOSTOMY - Fewer than 10% of rectal cancers treated by the members of the Group require a permanent Colostomy

ULTRALOW RESECTION - Operations for tumours very low in the rectum can be performed including hand sewn joins to the anus to reduce the risk of a permanent colostomy

COMBINED SURGEON OPERATIONS - Tumours that may involve other tissues such as the uterus, vagina, bladder or prostate can be operated on by a team of surgeons including specialist Gynaecological and Urological cancer surgeons

COLON POUCH AND ILEAL POUCH RECONSTRUCTION - These are reconstructions used after the entire rectum has been removed to create a new 'alternative rectum' to improve continence and quality of life in some patients

MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY - Minimally invasive operations can be offered to a some patients

RADIOTHERAPY & CHEMOTHERAPY - All available forms of pre and post operative Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy are considered for all patients, given by our colleagues at the 3 Counties Oncology Centre

FULL SCANNING ASSESSMENT & INDIVIDUALISED TREATMENT- All patients with rectal cancers have their cancers assessed in detail with MRI , CT and TransRectal Ultrasound scans to plan treatment on an individual basis


Cheltenham Colorectal Group


Further information is available on our Coloretcal Cancer information download page